Area Code Details for: 810






StateMichigan (MI)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA313
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date12/01/1993

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Current Time

6:33 AM


48175Salem, MIWashtenaw
48143Lakeland, MILivingston
48353Hartland, MILivingston
48411Atlas, MIGenesee
48401Applegate, MISanilac
48097Yale, MISaint Clair
48079Saint Clair, MISaint Clair
48114Brighton, MILivingston
48139Hamburg, MILivingston
48116Brighton, MILivingston
48412Attica, MILapeer
48423Davison, MIGenesee
48422Croswell, MISanilac
48426Decker, MISanilac
48428Dryden, MILapeer
48427Deckerville, MISanilac
48418Byron, MIShiawassee
48416Brown City, MISanilac
48419Carsonville, MISanilac
48421Columbiaville, MILapeer
48420Clio, MIGenesee
48074Smiths Creek, MISaint Clair
48022Emmett, MISaint Clair
48014Capac, MISaint Clair
48023Fair Haven, MISaint Clair
48028Harsens Island, MISaint Clair
48027Goodells, MISaint Clair
48002Allenton, MISaint Clair
48001Algonac, MISaint Clair
48003Almont, MILapeer
48006Avoca, MISaint Clair
48004Anchorville, MISaint Clair
48032Jeddo, MISaint Clair
48060Port Huron, MISaint Clair
48059Fort Gratiot, MISaint Clair
48061Port Huron, MISaint Clair
48064Casco, MISaint Clair
48063Columbus, MISaint Clair
48040Marysville, MISaint Clair
48039Marine City, MISaint Clair
48041Memphis, MISaint Clair
48054East China, MISaint Clair
48049North Street, MISaint Clair
48430Fenton, MIGenesee
48506Flint, MIGenesee
48505Flint, MIGenesee
48507Flint, MIGenesee
48519Burton, MIGenesee
48509Burton, MIGenesee
48501Flint, MIGenesee
48480Grand Blanc, MIGenesee
48502Flint, MIGenesee
48504Flint, MIGenesee
48503Flint, MIGenesee
48529Burton, MIGenesee
48554Flint, MIGenesee
48553Flint, MIGenesee
48555Flint, MIGenesee
48557Flint, MIGenesee
48556Flint, MIGenesee
48532Flint, MIGenesee
48531Flint, MIGenesee
48550Flint, MIGenesee
48552Flint, MIGenesee
48551Flint, MIGenesee
48473Swartz Creek, MIGenesee
48446Lapeer, MILapeer
48444Imlay City, MILapeer
48450Lexington, MISanilac
48454Melvin, MISanilac
48451Linden, MIGenesee
48437Genesee, MIGenesee
48433Flushing, MIGenesee
48438Goodrich, MIGenesee
48440Hadley, MILapeer
48439Grand Blanc, MIGenesee
48455Metamora, MILapeer
48466Peck, MISanilac
48464Otter Lake, MILapeer
48469Port Sanilac, MISanilac
48472Snover, MISanilac
48471Sandusky, MISanilac
48458Mount Morris, MIGenesee
48457Montrose, MIGenesee
48460New Lothrop, MIShiawassee
48463Otisville, MIGenesee
48461North Branch, MILapeer
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