Area Code Details for: 775






Time ZoneP
Parent NPA702
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date12/12/1998


89705Carson City, NVDouglas
89706Carson City, NVCarson City
89703Carson City, NVCarson City
89704Washoe Valley, NVWashoe
89711Carson City, NVCarson City
89713Carson City, NVCarson City
89714Carson City, NVCarson City
89712Carson City, NVCarson City
89533Reno, NVWashoe
89523Reno, NVWashoe
89557Reno, NVWashoe
89521Reno, NVStorey
89555Reno, NVWashoe
89570Reno, NVWashoe
89701Carson City, NVCarson City
89702Carson City, NVCarson City
89595Reno, NVWashoe
89599Reno, NVWashoe
89721Carson City, NVCarson City
89830Montello, NVElko
89831Mountain City, NVElko
89826Jarbidge, NVElko
89828Lamoille, NVElko
89832Owyhee, NVElko
89835Wells, NVElko
89834Tuscarora, NVElko
89833Ruby Valley, NVElko
89883West Wendover, NVElko
89803Elko, NVElko
89815Spring Creek, NVElko
89801Elko, NVElko
89802Elko, NVElko
89820Battle Mountain, NVLander
89823Deeth, NVElko
89825Jackpot, NVElko
89821Crescent Valley, NVEureka
89822Carlin, NVElko
89049Tonopah, NVNye
89048Pahrump, NVNye
89047Silverpeak, NVEsmeralda
89412Gerlach, NVWashoe
89411Genoa, NVDouglas
89410Gardnerville, NVDouglas
89043Pioche, NVLincoln
89042Panaca, NVLincoln
89041Pahrump, NVNye
89409Gabbs, NVNye
89045Round Mountain, NVNye
89408Fernley, NVLyon
89419Lovelock, NVPershing
89418Imlay, NVPershing
89415Hawthorne, NVMineral
89422Mina, NVMineral
89421Mc Dermitt, NVHumboldt
89420Luning, NVMineral
89067Coyote Springs , NVClark
89061Pahrump, NVNye
89060Pahrump, NVNye
89414Golconda, NVHumboldt
89413Glenbrook, NVDouglas
89067Moapa, NVClark
89319Ruth, NVWhite Pine
89318Mc Gill, NVWhite Pine
89317Lund, NVWhite Pine
89003Beatty, NVNye
89008Caliente, NVLincoln
89402Crystal Bay, NVWashoe
89311Baker, NVWhite Pine
89310Austin, NVLander
89301Ely, NVWhite Pine
89316Eureka, NVEureka
89315Ely, NVWhite Pine
89314Duckwater, NVWhite Pine
89404Denio, NVHumboldt
89403Dayton, NVLyon
89023Mercury, NVNye
89407Fallon, NVChurchill
89406Fallon, NVChurchill
89405Empire, NVWashoe
89001Alamo, NVLincoln
89013Goldfield, NVEsmeralda
89010Dyer, NVEsmeralda
89022Manhattan, NVNye
89020Amargosa Valley, NVNye
89017Hiko, NVLincoln
89502Reno, NVWashoe
89501Reno, NVWashoe
89496Fallon, NVChurchill
89505Reno, NVWashoe
89504Reno, NVWashoe
89503Reno, NVWashoe
89450Incline Village, NVWashoe
89449Stateline, NVDouglas
89448Zephyr Cove, NVDouglas
89460Gardnerville, NVDouglas
89452Incline Village, NVWashoe
89451Incline Village, NVWashoe
89515Reno, NVWashoe
89513Reno, NVWashoe
89512Reno, NVWashoe
89521Reno , NVWashoe
89520Reno, NVWashoe
89519Reno, NVWashoe
89508Reno, NVWashoe
89507Reno, NVWashoe
89506Reno, NVWashoe
89511Reno, NVWashoe
89510Reno, NVWashoe
89509Reno, NVWashoe
89431Sparks, NVWashoe
89430Smith, NVLyon
89429Silver Springs, NVLyon
89434Sparks, NVWashoe
89433Sun Valley, NVWashoe
89432Sparks, NVWashoe
89425Orovada, NVHumboldt
89424Nixon, NVWashoe
89423Minden, NVDouglas
89428Silver City, NVLyon
89427Schurz, NVMineral
89426Paradise Valley, NVHumboldt
89444Wellington, NVLyon
89442Wadsworth, NVWashoe
89441Sparks, NVWashoe
89447Yerington, NVLyon
89446Winnemucca, NVHumboldt
89445Winnemucca, NVHumboldt
89437Sparks, NVStorey
89436Sparks, NVWashoe
89435Sparks, NVWashoe
89440Virginia City, NVStorey
89439Verdi, NVWashoe
89438Valmy, NVHumboldt

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