Area Code Details for: 608






Time ZoneC
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1955


53599Woodford, WILafayette
53701Madison, WIDane
53596Sun Prairie, WIDane
53597Waunakee, WIDane
53598Windsor, WIDane
53702Madison, WIDane
53706Madison, WIDane
53707Madison, WIDane
53705Madison, WIDane
53703Madison, WIDane
53704Madison, WIDane
53581Richland Center, WIRichland
53580Rewey, WIIowa
53583Sauk City, WISauk
53582Ridgeway, WIIowa
53576Orfordville, WIRock
53575Oregon, WIDane
53578Prairie du Sac, WISauk
53577Plain, WISauk
53590Sun Prairie, WIDane
53589Stoughton, WIDane
53595Dodgeville, WIIowa
53593Verona, WIDane
53586Shullsburg, WILafayette
53584Sextonville, WIRichland
53588Spring Green, WISauk
53587South Wayne, WILafayette
53708Madison, WIDane
53791Madison, WIDane
53792Madison, WIDane
53793Madison, WIDane
53790Madison, WIDane
53785Madison, WIDane
53786Madison, WIDane
53788Madison, WIDane
53794Madison, WIDane
53805Boscobel, WIGrant
53806Cassville, WIGrant
53807Cuba City, WIGrant
53804Bloomington, WIGrant
53801Bagley, WIGrant
53802Beetown, WIGrant
53803Benton, WILafayette
53784Madison, WIDane
53716Madison, WIDane
53717Madison, WIDane
53718Madison, WIDane
53715Madison, WIDane
53711Madison, WIDane
53713Madison, WIDane
53714Madison, WIDane
53719Madison, WIDane
53777Madison, WIDane
53782Madison, WIDane
53783Madison, WIDane
53774Madison, WIDane
53725Madison, WIDane
53726Madison, WIDane
53744Madison, WIDane
53525Clinton, WIRock
53526Cobb, WIIowa
53527Cottage Grove, WIDane
53523Cambridge, WIDane
53520Brodhead, WIGreen
53521Brooklyn, WIGreen
53522Browntown, WIGreen
53528Cross Plains, WIDane
53533Dodgeville, WIIowa
53534Edgerton, WIRock
53535Edmund, WIIowa
53532Deforest, WIDane
53529Dane, WIDane
53530Darlington, WILafayette
53531Deerfield, WIDane
53505Avalon, WIRock
53506Avoca, WIIowa
53507Barneveld, WIIowa
53504Argyle, WILafayette
53501Afton, WIRock
53502Albany, WIGreen
53503Arena, WIIowa
53508Belleville, WIDane
53516Blanchardville, WILafayette
53517Blue Mounds, WIDane
53518Blue River, WIGrant
53515Black Earth, WIDane
53510Belmont, WILafayette
53511Beloit, WIRock
53512Beloit, WIRock
53561Merrimac, WISauk
53562Middleton, WIDane
53563Milton, WIRock
53560Mazomanie, WIDane
53556Lone Rock, WIRichland
53558Mcfarland, WIDane
53559Marshall, WIDane
53565Mineral Point, WIIowa
53572Mount Horeb, WIDane
53573Muscoda, WIGrant
53574New Glarus, WIGreen
53571Morrisonville, WIDane
53566Monroe, WIGreen
53569Montfort, WIGrant
53570Monticello, WIGreen
53542Hanover, WIRock
53543Highland, WIIowa
53544Hollandale, WIIowa
53541Gratiot, WILafayette
53536Evansville, WIRock
53537Footville, WIRock
53540Gotham, WIRichland
53545Janesville, WIRock
53553Linden, WIIowa
53554Livingston, WIGrant
53555Lodi, WIColumbia
53550Juda, WIGreen
53546Janesville, WIRock
53547Janesville, WIRock
53548Janesville, WIRock
54613Arkdale, WIAdams
54612Arcadia, WITrempealeau
54616Blair, WITrempealeau
54614Bangor, WILa Crosse
54610Alma, WIBuffalo
54601La Crosse, WILa Crosse
53969Wyocena, WIColumbia
54603La Crosse, WILa Crosse
54602La Crosse, WILa Crosse
54624De Soto, WIVernon
54623Coon Valley, WIVernon
54626Eastman, WICrawford
54625Dodge, WITrempealeau
54622Cochrane, WIBuffalo
54619Cashton, WIMonroe
54618Camp Douglas, WIJuneau
54621Chaseburg, WIVernon
54620Cataract, WIMonroe
53951North Freedom, WISauk
53950New Lisbon, WIJuneau
53953Packwaukee, WIMarquette
53952Oxford, WIMarquette
53949Montello, WIMarquette
53943Loganville, WISauk
53942Lime Ridge, WISauk
53948Mauston, WIJuneau
53944Lyndon Station, WIJuneau
53964Westfield, WIMarquette
53962Union Center, WIJuneau
53968Wonewoc, WIJuneau
53965Wisconsin Dells, WIColumbia
53961Rock Springs, WISauk
53955Poynette, WIColumbia
53954Pardeeville, WIColumbia
53959Reedsburg, WISauk
53958Reedsburg, WISauk
54656Sparta, WIMonroe
54655Soldiers Grove, WICrawford
54658Stoddard, WIVernon
54657Steuben, WICrawford
54654Seneca, WICrawford
54651Ontario, WIVernon
54650Onalaska, WILa Crosse
54653Rockland, WILa Crosse
54652Readstown, WIVernon
54667Westby, WIVernon
54666Warrens, WIMonroe
54670Wilton, WIMonroe
54669West Salem, WILa Crosse
54665Viroqua, WIVernon
54661Trempealeau, WITrempealeau
54660Tomah, WIMonroe
54664Viola, WIRichland
54662Tunnel City, WIMonroe
54634Hillsboro, WIVernon
54632Genoa, WIVernon
54637Hustler, WIJuneau
54636Holmen, WILa Crosse
54631Gays Mills, WICrawford
54628Ferryville, WICrawford
54627Ettrick, WITrempealeau
54630Galesville, WITrempealeau
54629Fountain City, WIBuffalo
54646Necedah, WIJuneau
54645Mount Sterling, WICrawford
54649Oakdale, WIMonroe
54648Norwalk, WIMonroe
54644Mindoro, WILa Crosse
54639La Farge, WIVernon
54638Kendall, WIMonroe
54642Melrose, WIJackson
54641Mather, WIJuneau
53825Stitzer, WIGrant
53826Wauzeka, WICrawford
53821Prairie du Chien, WICrawford
53824Sinsinawa, WIGrant
53827Woodman, WIGrant
53911Arlington, WIColumbia
53913Baraboo, WISauk
53901Portage, WIColumbia
53910Adams, WIAdams
53820Potosi, WIGrant
53810Glen Haven, WIGrant
53811Hazel Green, WIGrant
53808Dickeyville, WIGrant
53809Fennimore, WIGrant
53812Kieler, WIGrant
53817Patch Grove, WIGrant
53818Platteville, WIGrant
53813Lancaster, WIGrant
53816Mount Hope, WIGrant
53929Elroy, WIJuneau
53930Endeavor, WIMarquette
53920Briggsville, WIMarquette
53924Cazenovia, WIRichland
53934Friendship, WIAdams
53940Lake Delton, WISauk
53941La Valle, WISauk
53936Grand Marsh, WIAdams
53937Hillpoint, WISauk

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