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StateVirginia (VA)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

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20111Manassas , VAPrince William
22210Arlington, VAArlington
20111Manassas Park, VAPrince William
22195Woodbridge, VAPrince William
22199Lorton, VAFairfax
22194Woodbridge, VAPrince William
20112Manassas, VAPrince William
22037Fairfax, VAFairfax
22082Merrifield, VAFairfax
22081Merrifield, VAFairfax
22067Greenway, VAFairfax
22079Lorton, VAFairfax
22151Springfield, VAFairfax
22150Springfield, VAFairfax
22152Springfield, VAFairfax
22095Herndon, VAFairfax
22096Reston, VAFairfax
22201Arlington, VAArlington
22027Dunn Loring, VAFairfax
22219Arlington, VAArlington
22030Fairfax, VAFairfax City
22032Fairfax, VAFairfax
22031Fairfax, VAFairfax
22202Arlington, VAArlington
22009Burke, VAFairfax
22015Burke, VAFairfax
22026Dumfries, VAPrince William
22025Dumfries, VAPrince William
22033Fairfax, VAFairfax
22212Arlington, VAArlington
22213Arlington, VAArlington
22211Fort Myer, VAArlington
20113Manassas, VAManassas Park City
22036Fairfax, VAFairfax
22217Arlington, VAArlington
22034Fairfax, VAFairfax
22216Arlington, VAArlington
22214Arlington, VAArlington
22215Arlington, VAArlington
20102Dulles, VALoudoun
20103Dulles, VALoudoun
20101Dulles, VALoudoun
22203Arlington, VAArlington
22183Vienna, VAFairfax
20108Manassas, VAManassas City
20109Manassas , VAPrince William
20105Aldie, VALoudoun
20104Dulles, VALoudoun
22204Arlington, VAArlington
22172Triangle, VAPrince William
22161Springfield, VAFairfax
22180Vienna, VAFairfax
22181Vienna, VAFairfax
22182Vienna, VAFairfax
22156Springfield, VAFairfax
22153Springfield, VAFairfax
22158Springfield, VAFairfax
22160Springfield, VAFairfax
22159Springfield, VAFairfax
22039Fairfax Station, VAFairfax
22206Arlington, VAArlington
22040Falls Church, VAFalls Church City
22042Falls Church, VAFairfax
22041Falls Church, VAFairfax
22060Fort Belvoir, VAFairfax
22066Great Falls, VAFairfax
22209Arlington, VAArlington
22207Arlington, VAArlington
22038Fairfax, VAFairfax City
22191Woodbridge, VAPrince William
22192Woodbridge, VAPrince William
22185Vienna, VAFairfax
20109Sudley Springs, VAPrince William
20110Manassas, VAManassas City
22205Arlington, VAArlington
22043Falls Church, VAFairfax
22044Falls Church, VAFairfax
22193Woodbridge, VAPrince William
22046Falls Church, VAFalls Church City
20168Haymarket, VAPrince William
20167Sterling, VALoudoun
20169Haymarket, VAPrince William
20171Herndon, VAFairfax
20170Herndon, VAFairfax
20166Sterling, VALoudoun
20156Gainesville, VAPrince William
20155Gainesville, VAPrince William
20163Sterling, VALoudoun
20165Sterling, VALoudoun
20164Sterling, VALoudoun
20190Reston, VAFairfax
20182Nokesville, VAPrince William
20147Ashburn, VALoudoun
22334Alexandria, VAAlexandria City
22350Alexandria, VAAlexandria City
20181Nokesville, VAPrince William
20175Leesburg, VALoudoun
20172Herndon, VAFairfax
20176Leesburg, VALoudoun
20178Leesburg, VALoudoun
20177Leesburg, VALoudoun
22116Merrifield, VAFairfax
22109Mc Lean, VAFairfax
22118Merrifield, VAFairfax
22121Mount Vernon, VAFairfax
22119Merrifield, VAFairfax
22108Mc Lean, VAFairfax
22102Mc Lean, VAFairfax
22101Mc Lean, VAFairfax
22103West Mclean, VAFairfax
22107Mc Lean, VAFairfax
22106Mc Lean, VAFairfax
20149Ashburn, VALoudoun
20148Ashburn, VALoudoun
20151Chantilly, VAFairfax
20153Chantilly, VAFairfax
20152Chantilly, VALoudoun
22135Fbi Academy, VAStafford
22124Oakton, VAFairfax
22122Newington, VAFairfax
22125Occoquan, VAPrince William
22135Quantico , VAStafford
22134Quantico, VAPrince William
22333Alexandria, VAAlexandria City
20124Clifton, VAFairfax
22301Alexandria, VAAlexandria City
22302Alexandria, VAAlexandria City
22246Arlington, VAArlington
22243Arlington, VAArlington
22244Arlington, VAArlington
22245Arlington, VAArlington
22305Alexandria, VAAlexandria City
22306Alexandria, VAFairfax
20143Catharpin, VAPrince William
22304Alexandria, VAAlexandria City
20136Bristow, VAPrince William
22303Alexandria, VAFairfax
20194Reston, VAFairfax
22230Arlington, VAArlington
22003Annandale, VAFairfax
20598Dhs, VALoudoun
22227Arlington, VAArlington
22225Arlington, VAArlington
20120Centreville, VAFairfax
22226Arlington, VAArlington
20121Centreville, VAFairfax
20122Centreville, VAFairfax
22242Arlington, VAArlington
20195Reston, VAFairfax
22240Arlington, VAArlington
22241Arlington, VAArlington
20196Reston, VAFairfax
22310Alexandria, VAFairfax
22311Alexandria, VAAlexandria City
22309Alexandria, VAFairfax
22035Fairfax, VAFairfax
22320Alexandria, VAAlexandria City
20191Reston, VAFairfax
22315Alexandria, VAFairfax
22314Alexandria, VAAlexandria City
22312Alexandria, VAFairfax
22313Alexandria, VAAlexandria City
22307Alexandria, VAFairfax
22332Alexandria, VAAlexandria City
20192Herndon, VAFairfax
20146Ashburn, VALoudoun
22331Alexandria, VAAlexandria City
22308Alexandria, VAFairfax
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