Area Code Details for: 718


New York




StateNew York (NY)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA212
Relief Planning in ProgressYes
In Service Date09/01/1984

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10308Staten Island, NYRichmond
10309Staten Island, NYRichmond
11219Brooklyn, NYKings
10310Staten Island, NYRichmond
10306Staten Island, NYRichmond
11205Brooklyn, NYKings
10304Staten Island, NYRichmond
10305Staten Island, NYRichmond
10474Bronx, NYBronx
11220Brooklyn, NYKings
11211Brooklyn, NYKings
11214Brooklyn, NYKings
11212Brooklyn, NYKings
11208Brooklyn, NYKings
11207Brooklyn, NYKings
11209Brooklyn, NYKings
11218Brooklyn, NYKings
11206Brooklyn, NYKings
11215Brooklyn, NYKings
11217Brooklyn, NYKings
10313Staten Island, NYRichmond
10454Bronx, NYBronx
10453Bronx, NYBronx
10455Bronx, NYBronx
11422Rosedale, NYQueens
11428Queens Village, NYQueens
10301Staten Island, NYRichmond
10158New York, NYNew York
11424Jamaica, NYQueens
11426Bellerose, NYQueens
10314Staten Island, NYRichmond
11427Queens Village, NYQueens
10451Bronx, NYBronx
11423Hollis, NYQueens
10465Bronx, NYBronx
10464Bronx, NYBronx
10303Staten Island, NYRichmond
10468Bronx, NYBronx
10472Bronx, NYBronx
10471Bronx, NYBronx
11421Woodhaven, NYQueens
11432Jamaica, NYQueens
11430Jamaica, NYQueens
10312Staten Island, NYRichmond
10458Bronx, NYBronx
10463Bronx, NYBronx
10311Staten Island, NYRichmond
10459Bronx, NYBronx
11221Brooklyn, NYKings
11374Rego Park, NYQueens
11368Corona, NYQueens
11378Maspeth, NYQueens
11375Forest Hills, NYQueens
11365Fresh Meadows, NYQueens
11362Little Neck, NYQueens
11367Flushing, NYQueens
11366Fresh Meadows, NYQueens
11251Brooklyn, NYKings
11415Kew Gardens, NYQueens
11417Ozone Park, NYQueens
11416Ozone Park, NYQueens
11385Ridgewood, NYQueens
11380Elmhurst, NYQueens
11414Howard Beach, NYQueens
11413Springfield Gardens, NYQueens
11694Belle Harbor, NYQueens
11694Far Rockaway, NYQueens
11693Far Rockaway, NYQueens
11694Rockaway Park , NYQueens
11697Breezy Point, NYQueens
11357Whitestone, NYQueens
11694Neponsit, NYQueens
11695Far Rockaway, NYQueens
11433Jamaica, NYQueens
11434Jamaica, NYQueens
11360Bayside, NYQueens
11359Bayside, NYQueens
11436Jamaica, NYQueens
11437Jamaica, NYQueens
11252Brooklyn, NYKings
11256Brooklyn, NYKings
11420South Ozone Park, NYQueens
11226Brooklyn, NYKings
11106Astoria, NYQueens
11224Brooklyn, NYKings
11225Brooklyn, NYKings
11230Brooklyn, NYKings
11231Brooklyn, NYKings
11105Astoria, NYQueens
11228Brooklyn, NYKings
11202Brooklyn, NYKings
11201Brooklyn, NYKings
11204Brooklyn, NYKings
11203Brooklyn, NYKings
11222Brooklyn, NYKings
11223Brooklyn, NYKings
11120Long Island City, NYQueens
11109Long Island City, NYQueens
11239Brooklyn, NYKings
11241Brooklyn, NYKings
11004Glen Oaks, NYQueens
11237Brooklyn, NYKings
11247Brooklyn, NYKings
11249Brooklyn, NYKings
11243Brooklyn, NYKings
11245Brooklyn, NYKings
11235Brooklyn, NYKings
11236Brooklyn, NYKings
11232Brooklyn, NYKings
11233Brooklyn, NYKings
11101Long Island City, NYQueens
11005Floral Park, NYQueens
11103Astoria, NYQueens
11102Astoria, NYQueens
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