Area Code Details for: 815






Time ZoneC
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947


60946Kempton, ILFord
60928Crescent City, ILIroquois
60931Donovan, ILIroquois
60180Union, ILMchenry
60921Chatsworth, ILLivingston
60945Iroquois, ILIroquois
60953Milford, ILIroquois
60934Emington, ILLivingston
60954Momence, ILKankakee
60152Marengo, ILMchenry
60926Claytonville, ILIroquois
60930Danforth, ILIroquois
60950Manteno, ILKankakee
60924Cissna Park, ILIroquois
60929Cullom, ILLivingston
60927Clifton, ILIroquois
60951Martinton, ILIroquois
60922Chebanse, ILIroquois
60912Beaverville, ILIroquois
60911Ashkum, ILIroquois
60913Bonfield, ILKankakee
60915Bradley, ILKankakee
60914Bourbonnais, ILKankakee
60014Crystal Lake, ILMchenry
60178Sycamore, ILDekalb
60901Kankakee, ILKankakee
60033Harvard, ILMchenry
60910Aroma Park, ILKankakee
60917Buckingham, ILKankakee
60940Grant Park, ILKankakee
60939Goodwine, ILIroquois
60941Herscher, ILKankakee
60944Hopkins Park, ILKankakee
60920Campus, ILLivingston
60935Essex, ILKankakee
60919Cabery, ILFord
60034Hebron, ILMchenry
60938Gilman, ILIroquois
60039Crystal Lake, ILMchenry
60151Maple Park, ILKane
60481Wilmington, ILWill
60491Homer Glen , ILWill
60129Esmond, ILDekalb
60479Verona, ILGrundy
60460Odell, ILLivingston
60470Ransom, ILLa Salle
60474South Wilmington, ILGrundy
60115Dekalb, ILDekalb
60520Hinckley, ILDekalb
60098Woodstock, ILMchenry
60097Wonder Lake, ILMchenry
60518Earlville, ILLa Salle
60113Creston, ILOgle
60112Cortland, ILDekalb
60111Clare, ILDekalb
60435Joliet, ILWill
60436Joliet, ILWill
60437Kinsman, ILGrundy
60434Joliet, ILWill
60431Joliet, ILWill
60432Joliet, ILWill
60433Joliet, ILWill
60135Genoa, ILDekalb
60447Minooka, ILGrundy
60450Morris, ILGrundy
60451New Lenox, ILWill
60446Romeoville, ILWill
60441Lockport, ILWill
60442Manhattan, ILWill
60444Mazon, ILGrundy
60530Lee, ILLee
60050Mchenry, ILMchenry
60423Frankfort, ILWill
60421Elwood, ILWill
60051Mchenry, ILMchenry
60586Plainfield, ILWill
60072Ringwood, ILMchenry
60071Richmond, ILMchenry
60420Dwight, ILLivingston
60145Kingston, ILDekalb
60146Kirkland, ILDekalb
60150Malta, ILDekalb
60407Braceville, ILGrundy
60416Coal City, ILGrundy
60410Channahon, ILWill
60408Braidwood, ILWill
60548Sandwich, ILDekalb
60424Gardner, ILGrundy
60549Serena, ILLa Salle
60544Plainfield, ILWill
60531Leland, ILLa Salle
60537Millington, ILKendall
60541Newark, ILKendall
60550Shabbona, ILDekalb
60557Wedron, ILLa Salle
60081Spring Grove, ILMchenry
60585Plainfield, ILWill
60556Waterman, ILDekalb
60551Sheridan, ILLa Salle
60552Somonauk, ILDekalb
60553Steward, ILLee
61318Compton, ILLee
61317Cherry, ILBureau
61319Cornell, ILLivingston
61321Dana, ILLa Salle
61320Dalzell, ILBureau
61312Arlington, ILBureau
61311Streator, ILLivingston
61313Blackstone, ILLivingston
61316Cedar Point, ILLa Salle
61315Bureau, ILBureau
61322Depue, ILBureau
61329Ladd, ILBureau
61328Kasbeer, ILBureau
61330La Moille, ILBureau
61332Leonore, ILLa Salle
61331Lee Center, ILLee
61324Eldena, ILLee
61323Dover, ILBureau
61325Grand Ridge, ILLa Salle
61327Hennepin, ILPutnam
61326Granville, ILPutnam
61311Ancona , ILLivingston
61126Rockford, ILWinnebago
61125Rockford, ILWinnebago
61130Loves Park, ILWinnebago
61132Loves Park, ILWinnebago
61131Loves Park, ILWinnebago
61111Loves Park, ILWinnebago
61110Rockford, ILWinnebago
61112Rockford, ILWinnebago
61115Machesney Park, ILWinnebago
61114Rockford, ILWinnebago
60012Crystal Lake, ILMchenry
61283Tampico, ILWhiteside
61277Prophetstown, ILWhiteside
61285Thomson, ILCarroll
61310Amboy, ILLee
61301La Salle, ILLa Salle
61252Fulton, ILWhiteside
61243Deer Grove, ILWhiteside
61258Hooppole, ILHenry
61270Morrison, ILWhiteside
61261Lyndon, ILWhiteside
61333Long Point, ILLivingston
61346New Bedford, ILBureau
61342Mendota, ILLa Salle
61348Oglesby, ILLa Salle
61350Ottawa, ILLa Salle
61349Ohio, ILBureau
61369Toluca, ILMarshall
61370Tonica, ILLa Salle
61368Tiskilwa, ILBureau
61341Marseilles, ILLa Salle
61340Mark, ILPutnam
61353Paw Paw, ILLee
61361Sheffield, ILBureau
61360Seneca, ILLa Salle
61362Spring Valley, ILBureau
61364Streator, ILLa Salle
61363Standard, ILPutnam
61367Sublette, ILLee
61354Peru, ILLa Salle
61356Princeton, ILBureau
61359Seatonville, ILBureau
61358Rutland, ILLa Salle
61371Triumph, ILLa Salle
61769Saunemin, ILLivingston
61775Strawn, ILLivingston
61764Pontiac, ILLivingston
61741Forrest, ILLivingston
61743Graymont, ILLivingston
61335Mc Nabb, ILPutnam
61334Lostant, ILLa Salle
61336Magnolia, ILPutnam
61338Manlius, ILBureau
61337Malden, ILBureau
61740Flanagan, ILLivingston
61376Walnut, ILBureau
61377Wenona, ILMarshall
61374Van Orin, ILBureau
61372Troy Grove, ILLa Salle
61373Utica, ILLa Salle
61726Chenoa, ILMclean
61739Fairbury, ILLivingston
61560Putnam, ILPutnam
61378West Brooklyn, ILLee
61379Wyanet, ILBureau
61025East Dubuque, ILJo Daviess
61024Durand, ILWinnebago
61027Eleroy, ILStephenson
61030Forreston, ILOgle
61028Elizabeth, ILJo Daviess
61018Dakota, ILStephenson
61016Cherry Valley, ILWinnebago
61019Davis, ILStephenson
61021Dixon, ILLee
61020Davis Junction, ILOgle
61031Franklin Grove, ILLee
61042Harmon, ILLee
61041Hanover, ILJo Daviess
61043Holcomb, ILOgle
61046Lanark, ILCarroll
61044Kent, ILStephenson
61036Galena, ILJo Daviess
61032Freeport, ILStephenson
61037Galt, ILWhiteside
61039German Valley, ILStephenson
61038Garden Prairie, ILBoone
61015Chana, ILOgle
60970Watseka, ILIroquois
60969Union Hill, ILKankakee
60958Pembroke Township, ILKankakee
60974Woodland, ILIroquois
60973Wellington, ILIroquois
60966Sheldon, ILIroquois
60964Saint Anne, ILKankakee
60967Stockland, ILIroquois
60959Piper City, ILFord
60961Reddick, ILKankakee
61001Apple River, ILJo Daviess
61011Caledonia, ILBoone
61010Byron, ILOgle
61012Capron, ILBoone
61014Chadwick, ILCarroll
61013Cedarville, ILStephenson
61006Ashton, ILLee
60956Papineau, ILIroquois
61007Baileyville, ILOgle
60955Onarga, ILIroquois
61008Belvidere, ILBoone
61047Leaf River, ILOgle
61106Rockford, ILWinnebago
61107Rockford, ILWinnebago
61105Rockford, ILWinnebago
61079Shirland, ILWinnebago
61104Rockford, ILWinnebago
61077Seward, ILWinnebago
61075Scales Mound, ILJo Daviess
61109Rockford, ILWinnebago
61078Shannon, ILCarroll
61108Rockford, ILWinnebago
61080South Beloit, ILWinnebago
61085Stockton, ILJo Daviess
61087Warren, ILJo Daviess
61088Winnebago, ILWinnebago
61084Stillman Valley, ILOgle
61089Winslow, ILStephenson
61102Rockford, ILWinnebago
61103Rockford, ILWinnebago
61081Sterling, ILWhiteside
61091Woosung, ILOgle
61101Rockford, ILWinnebago
61074Savanna, ILCarroll
61057Nachusa, ILLee
61054Mount Morris, ILOgle
61059Nora, ILJo Daviess
61061Oregon, ILOgle
61060Orangeville, ILStephenson
61053Mount Carroll, ILCarroll
61049Lindenwood, ILOgle
61048Lena, ILStephenson
61050Mc Connell, ILStephenson
61052Monroe Center, ILOgle
61051Milledgeville, ILCarroll
61072Rockton, ILWinnebago
61067Ridott, ILStephenson
61068Rochelle, ILOgle
61070Rock City, ILStephenson
61071Rock Falls, ILWhiteside
61073Roscoe, ILWinnebago
61062Pearl City, ILStephenson
61063Pecatonica, ILWinnebago
61065Poplar Grove, ILBoone
61064Polo, ILOgle

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