Area Code Details for: 559






Time ZoneP
Parent NPA209
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date11/14/1998


93716Fresno, CAFresno
93717Fresno, CAFresno
93714Fresno, CAFresno
93715Fresno, CAFresno
93718Fresno, CAFresno
93722Fresno, CAFresno
93723Fresno, CAFresno
93720Fresno, CAFresno
93721Fresno, CAFresno
93706Fresno, CAFresno
93707Fresno, CAFresno
93704Fresno, CAFresno
93705Fresno, CAFresno
93708Fresno, CAFresno
93711Fresno, CAFresno
93712Fresno, CAFresno
93709Fresno, CAFresno
93710Fresno, CAFresno
93724Fresno, CAFresno
93747Fresno, CAFresno
93750Fresno, CAFresno
93744Fresno, CAFresno
93745Fresno, CAFresno
93755Fresno, CAFresno
93764Fresno, CAFresno
93242Laton, CAFresno
93760Fresno, CAFresno
93761Fresno, CAFresno
93727Fresno, CAFresno
93728Fresno, CAFresno
93725Fresno, CAFresno
93726Fresno, CAFresno
93729Fresno, CAFresno
93740Fresno, CAFresno
93741Fresno, CAFresno
93730Fresno, CAFresno
93737Fresno, CAFresno
93277Visalia, CATulare
93275Tulare, CATulare
93622Firebaugh, CAFresno
93625Fowler, CAFresno
93624Five Points, CAFresno
93270Terra Bella, CATulare
93267Strathmore, CATulare
93271Three Rivers, CATulare
93274Tulare, CATulare
93272Tipton, CATulare
93204Avenal, CAKings
93202Armona, CAKings
93626Friant, CAFresno
93628Hume, CAFresno
93627Helm, CAFresno
93279Visalia, CATulare
93278Visalia, CATulare
93282Waukena, CATulare
93201Alpaugh, CATulare
93286Woodlake, CATulare
93244Lemon Cove, CATulare
93703Fresno, CAFresno
93245Lemoore, CAKings
93247Lindsay, CATulare
93246Lemoore, CAKings
93616Del Rey, CAFresno
93218Ducor, CATulare
93618Dinuba, CATulare
93621Dunlap, CAFresno
93619Clovis, CAFresno
93258Porterville, CATulare
93257Porterville, CATulare
93262Sequoia National Park, CATulare
93266Stratford, CAKings
93265Springville, CATulare
93237Kaweah, CATulare
93239Kettleman City, CAKings
93235Ivanhoe, CATulare
93256Pixley, CATulare
93234Huron, CAFresno
93212Corcoran, CAKings
93660San Joaquin, CAFresno
93210Coalinga, CAFresno
93664Shaver Lake, CAFresno
93662Selma, CAFresno
93653Raymond, CAMadera
93652Raisin City, CAFresno
93654Reedley, CAFresno
93657Sanger, CAFresno
93656Riverdale, CAFresno
93668Tranquillity, CAFresno
93669Wishon, CAMadera
93667Tollhouse, CAFresno
93666Sultana, CATulare
93208Camp Nelson, CATulare
93701Fresno, CAFresno
93702Fresno, CAFresno
93675Squaw Valley, CAFresno
93670Yettem, CATulare
93673Traver, CATulare
93638Madera, CAMadera
93637Madera, CAMadera
93639Madera, CAMadera
93641Miramonte, CAFresno
93640Mendota, CAFresno
93631Kingsburg, CAFresno
93630Kerman, CAFresno
93633Kings Canyon National Pk, CATulare
93636Madera, CAMadera
93634Lakeshore, CAFresno
93648Parlier, CAFresno
93647Orosi, CATulare
93649Piedra, CAFresno
93651Prather, CAFresno
93650Fresno, CAFresno
93643North Fork, CAMadera
93642Mono Hot Springs, CAFresno
93644Oakhurst, CAMadera
93646Orange Cove, CAFresno
93645O Neals, CAMadera
93602Auberry, CAFresno
93601Ahwahnee, CAMadera
93292Visalia, CATulare
93603Badger, CATulare
93606Biola, CAFresno
93605Big Creek, CAFresno
93604Bass Lake, CAMadera
93290Visalia, CATulare
93779Fresno, CAFresno
93778Fresno, CAFresno
93786Fresno, CAFresno
93291Visalia, CATulare
93791Fresno, CAFresno
93790Fresno, CAFresno
93794Fresno, CAFresno
93223Farmersville, CATulare
93844Fresno, CAFresno
93227Goshen, CATulare
93611Clovis, CAFresno
93792Fresno, CAFresno
93793Fresno, CAFresno
93609Caruthers, CAFresno
93608Cantua Creek, CAFresno
93607Burrel, CAFresno
93610Chowchilla, CAMadera
93612Clovis, CAFresno
93230Hanford, CAKings
93232Hanford, CAKings
93777Fresno, CAFresno
93615Cutler, CATulare
93775Fresno, CAFresno
93888Fresno, CAFresno
93613Clovis, CAFresno
93614Coarsegold, CAMadera
93774Fresno, CAFresno
93221Exeter, CATulare
93765Fresno, CAFresno
93771Fresno, CAFresno
93773Fresno, CAFresno
93772Fresno, CAFresno
93776Fresno, CAFresno

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