Area Code Details for: 432






Time ZoneC
Parent NPA915
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date04/05/2003


79755Midkiff, TXUpton
79754Mentone, TXLoving
79758Gardendale, TXEctor
79756Monahans, TXWard
79748Knott, TXHoward
79745Kermit, TXWinkler
79752Mc Camey, TXUpton
79749Lenorah, TXMartin
79759Notrees, TXEctor
79765Odessa, TXEctor
79764Odessa, TXEctor
79768Odessa, TXEctor
79766Odessa, TXEctor
79761Odessa, TXEctor
79760Odessa, TXEctor
79763Odessa, TXEctor
79762Odessa, TXEctor
79730Coyanosa, TXPecos
79721Big Spring, TXHoward
79733Forsan, TXHoward
79731Crane, TXCrane
79718Balmorhea, TXReeves
79714Andrews, TXAndrews
79720Big Spring, TXHoward
79719Barstow, TXWard
79734Fort Davis, TXJeff Davis
79742Grandfalls, TXWard
79741Goldsmith, TXEctor
79744Iraan, TXPecos
79743Imperial, TXPecos
79738Gail, TXBorden
79735Fort Stockton, TXPecos
79740Girvin, TXPecos
79739Garden City, TXGlasscock
79842Marathon, TXBrewster
79834Big Bend National Park, TXBrewster
79845Presidio, TXPresidio
79843Marfa, TXPresidio
79830Alpine, TXBrewster
79789Wink, TXWinkler
79832Alpine, TXBrewster
79831Alpine, TXBrewster
79846Redford, TXPresidio
79703Midland, TXMidland
79704Midland, TXMidland
79701Midland, TXMidland
79702Midland, TXMidland
79852Terlingua, TXBrewster
79848Sanderson, TXTerrell
79705Midland, TXMidland
79854Valentine, TXPresidio
79777Pyote, TXWard
79776Penwell, TXEctor
79778Rankin, TXUpton
78837Comstock, TXVal Verde
79769Odessa, TXEctor
78851Dryden, TXTerrell
79772Pecos, TXReeves
79770Orla, TXReeves
79780Saragosa, TXReeves
79785Toyah, TXReeves
79783Tarzan, TXMartin
79788Wickett, TXWard
79786Toyahvale, TXReeves
79707Midland, TXMidland
79781Sheffield, TXPecos
79782Stanton, TXMartin
79706Midland, TXMidland
78871Langtry, TXVal Verde
79708Midland, TXMidland
79511Coahoma, TXHoward
79360Seminole, TXGaines
79710Midland, TXMidland
79713Ackerly, TXMartin
79712Midland, TXMidland
79711Midland, TXMidland

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