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StateVirginia (VA)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA804
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date06/01/2001

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22969Schuyler, VANelson
22971Shipman, VANelson
24557Gretna, VAPittsylvania
22968Ruckersville, VAGreene
24554Gladys, VACampbell
24550Evington, VACampbell
24549Dry Fork, VAPittsylvania
24551Forest, VABedford
24553Gladstone, VANelson
24543Danville, VADanville City
24558Halifax, VAHalifax
24571Lynch Station, VACampbell
24569Long Island, VAPittsylvania
22965Quinque, VAGreene
24574Monroe, VAAmherst
24572Madison Heights, VAAmherst
24563Hurt, VAPittsylvania
24562Howardsville, VABuckingham
22967Roseland, VANelson
24566Keeling, VAPittsylvania
24565Java, VAPittsylvania
24528Brookneal, VACampbell
22976Tyro, VANelson
24529Buffalo Junction, VAMecklenburg
24531Chatham, VAPittsylvania
24530Callands, VAPittsylvania
23055Fork Union, VAFluvanna
23022Bremo Bluff, VAFluvanna
24526Big Island, VABedford
22987White Hall, VAAlbemarle
24527Blairs, VAPittsylvania
24533Clifford, VAAmherst
24538Concord, VACampbell
22973Stanardsville, VAGreene
24539Crystal Hill, VAHalifax
24541Danville, VADanville City
24540Danville, VADanville City
24535Cluster Springs, VAHalifax
24534Clover, VAHalifax
22974Troy, VAFluvanna
24139Pittsville, VAPittsylvania
24536Coleman Falls, VABedford
24595Sweet Briar, VAAmherst
24594Sutherlin, VAPittsylvania
22910Charlottesville, VACharlottesville City
24597Vernon Hill, VAHalifax
22909Charlottesville, VAAlbemarle
24593Spout Spring, VAAppomattox
24588Rustburg, VACampbell
24586Ringgold, VAPittsylvania
24589Scottsburg, VAHalifax
24592South Boston, VAHalifax
24590Scottsville, VAAlbemarle
22903Charlottesville, VACharlottesville City
22904Charlottesville, VACharlottesville City
22902Charlottesville, VACharlottesville City
23084Kents Store, VAFluvanna
22901Charlottesville, VAAlbemarle
22905Charlottesville, VACharlottesville City
24599Wingina, VABuckingham
24598Virgilina, VAHalifax
22908Charlottesville, VACharlottesville City
22906Charlottesville, VACharlottesville City
22907Charlottesville, VACharlottesville City
22947Keswick, VAAlbemarle
22949Lovingston, VANelson
22946Keene, VAAlbemarle
22940Free Union, VAAlbemarle
22945Ivy, VAAlbemarle
22958Nellysford, VANelson
22963Palmyra, VAFluvanna
22964Piney River, VANelson
24576Naruna, VACampbell
22959North Garden, VAAlbemarle
24577Nathalie, VAHalifax
24580Nelson, VAMecklenburg
23123New Canton, VABuckingham
24581Norwood, VANelson
22911Charlottesville, VAAlbemarle
22922Arrington, VANelson
22931Covesville, VAAlbemarle
22937Esmont, VAAlbemarle
22938Faber, VANelson
22936Earlysville, VAAlbemarle
22932Crozet, VAAlbemarle
22935Dyke, VAGreene
24522Appomattox, VAAppomattox
23893White Plains, VABrunswick
23889Warfield, VABrunswick
23897Yale, VASussex
23909Farmville, VAPrince Edward
23901Farmville, VAPrince Edward
23879Skippers, VAGreensville
23876Rawlings, VABrunswick
23882Stony Creek, VASussex
23887Valentines, VABrunswick
23884Sussex, VASussex
23915Baskerville, VAMecklenburg
23924Chase City, VAMecklenburg
23923Charlotte Court House, VACharlotte
23927Clarksville, VAMecklenburg
23934Cullen, VACharlotte
23930Crewe, VANottoway
23919Bracey, VAMecklenburg
23917Boydton, VAMecklenburg
23920Brodnax, VABrunswick
23922Burkeville, VANottoway
23921Buckingham, VABuckingham
24513Lynchburg, VALynchburg City
24506Lynchburg, VALynchburg City
23821Alberta, VABrunswick
23829Capron, VASouthampton
23824Blackstone, VANottoway
24502Lynchburg, VALynchburg City
24503Lynchburg, VALynchburg City
24501Lynchburg, VALynchburg City
24505Lynchburg, VALynchburg City
24504Lynchburg, VALynchburg City
23843Dolphin, VABrunswick
23867Jarratt, VAGreensville
23857Gasburg, VABrunswick
23868Lawrenceville, VABrunswick
23873Meredithville, VABrunswick
23870Jarratt, VAGreensville
23845Ebony, VABrunswick
23844Drewryville, VASouthampton
23847Emporia , VAEmporia City
23856Freeman, VABrunswick
23847Emporia, VAGreensville
23964Red Oak, VACharlotte
23963Red House, VACharlotte
23966Rice, VAPrince Edward
23968Skipwith, VAMecklenburg
23967Saxe, VACharlotte
23958Pamplin, VAAppomattox
23955Nottoway, VANottoway
23959Phenix, VACharlotte
23962Randolph, VACharlotte
23960Prospect, VAPrince Edward
24517Altavista, VACampbell
24515Lynchburg, VALynchburg City
24520Alton, VAHalifax
23004Arvonia, VABuckingham
24521Amherst, VAAmherst
23974Victoria, VALunenburg
23970South Hill, VAMecklenburg
23976Wylliesburg, VACharlotte
24514Lynchburg, VALynchburg City
24069Cascade, VAPittsylvania
23941Fort Mitchell, VALunenburg
23943Hampden Sydney, VAPrince Edward
23952Lunenburg, VALunenburg
23942Green Bay, VAPrince Edward
24161Sandy Level, VAPittsylvania
23950La Crosse, VAMecklenburg
23939Evergreen, VAAppomattox
23947Keysville, VACharlotte
23936Dillwyn, VABuckingham
23944Kenbridge, VALunenburg
23938Dundas, VALunenburg
23937Drakes Branch, VACharlotte
23954Meherrin, VAPrince Edward
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