Area Code Details for: 320






Time ZoneC
Parent NPA612
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date03/17/1996


56329Foley, MNBenton
56328Flensburg, MNMorrison
56330Foreston, MNMille Lacs
56332Garfield, MNDouglas
56331Freeport, MNStearns
56321Collegeville, MNStearns
56320Cold Spring, MNStearns
56323Cyrus, MNPope
56327Farwell, MNDouglas
56325Elrosa, MNStearns
56333Gilman, MNBenton
56341Holmes City, MNDouglas
56340Holdingford, MNStearns
56342Isle, MNMille Lacs
56344Lastrup, MNMorrison
56343Kensington, MNDouglas
56335Greenwald, MNStearns
56334Glenwood, MNPope
56336Grey Eagle, MNTodd
56339Hoffman, MNGrant
56338Hillman, MNMorrison
56319Carlos, MNDouglas
56302Saint Cloud, MNStearns
56301Saint Cloud, MNStearns
56303Saint Cloud, MNStearns
56304Saint Cloud, MNBenton
56304Saint Cloud , MNSherburne
56288Spicer, MNKandiyohi
56285Sacred Heart, MNRenville
56289Sunburg, MNKandiyohi
56296Wheaton, MNTraverse
56295Watson, MNChippewa
56307Albany, MNStearns
56315Brandon, MNDouglas
56314Bowlus, MNMorrison
56316Brooten, MNStearns
56318Burtrum, MNTodd
56317Buckman, MNMorrison
56310Avon, MNStearns
56308Alexandria, MNDouglas
56311Barrett, MNGrant
56313Bock, MNMille Lacs
56312Belgrade, MNStearns
56345Little Falls, MNMorrison
56384Upsala, MNMorrison
56382Swanville, MNMorrison
56385Villard, MNPope
56387Waite Park, MNStearns
56386Wahkon, MNMille Lacs
56377Sartell, MNStearns
56376Saint Martin, MNStearns
56378Sauk Centre, MNStearns
56381Starbuck, MNPope
56379Sauk Rapids, MNBenton
56388Saint Cloud, MNStearns
56399Saint Cloud, MNStearns
56398Saint Cloud, MNStearns
56438Browerville, MNTodd
56475Randall, MNMorrison
56450Garrison, MNCrow Wing
56393Saint Cloud, MNStearns
56389West Union, MNTodd
56395Saint Cloud, MNStearns
56397Saint Cloud, MNStearns
56396Saint Cloud, MNStearns
56375Saint Stephen, MNStearns
56356New Munich, MNStearns
56355Nelson, MNDouglas
56357Oak Park, MNBenton
56359Onamia, MNMille Lacs
56358Ogilvie, MNKanabec
56349Lowry, MNPope
56347Long Prairie, MNTodd
56350Mc Grath, MNAitkin
56353Milaca, MNMille Lacs
56352Melrose, MNStearns
56360Osakis, MNDouglas
56371Roscoe, MNStearns
56369Rockville, MNStearns
56372Saint Cloud, MNStearns
56374Saint Joseph, MNStearns
56373Royalton, MNMorrison
56363Pease, MNMille Lacs
56362Paynesville, MNStearns
56364Pierz, MNMorrison
56368Richmond, MNStearns
56367Rice, MNBenton
56284Renville, MNRenville
55358Maple Lake, MNWright
55355Litchfield, MNMeeker
55366New Auburn, MNSibley
55381Silver Lake, MNMcleod
55370Plato, MNMcleod
55349Howard Lake, MNWright
55342Hector, MNRenville
55350Hutchinson, MNMcleod
55354Lester Prairie, MNMcleod
55353Kimball, MNStearns
55382South Haven, MNWright
55735Finlayson, MNPine
55712Bruno, MNPine
56201Willmar, MNKandiyohi
56208Appleton, MNSwift
56207Alberta, MNStevens
55389Watkins, MNMeeker
55385Stewart, MNMcleod
55395Winsted, MNMcleod
55704Askov, MNPine
55575Howard Lake, MNHennepin
55336Glencoe, MNMcleod
55063Pine City, MNPine
55051Mora, MNKanabec
55067Rock Creek, MNPine
55072Sandstone, MNPine
55069Rush City, MNChisago
55007Brook Park, MNPine
55006Braham, MNIsanti
55030Grasston, MNPine
55037Hinckley, MNPine
55036Henriette, MNPine
55080Stanchfield, MNIsanti
55321Cokato, MNWright
55320Clearwater, MNWright
55324Darwin, MNMeeker
55329Eden Valley, MNMeeker
55325Dassel, MNMeeker
55310Bird Island, MNRenville
55302Annandale, MNWright
55312Brownton, MNMcleod
55319Clear Lake, MNSherburne
55314Buffalo Lake, MNRenville
56209Atwater, MNKandiyohi
56256Madison, MNLac Qui Parle
56253Lake Lillian, MNKandiyohi
56257Marietta, MNLac Qui Parle
56262Milan, MNChippewa
56260Maynard, MNChippewa
56248Herman, MNGrant
56244Hancock, MNStevens
56249Holloway, MNSwift
56252Kerkhoven, MNSwift
56251Kandiyohi, MNKandiyohi
56265Montevideo, MNChippewa
56278Ortonville, MNBig Stone
56277Olivia, MNRenville
56279Pennock, MNKandiyohi
56282Raymond, MNKandiyohi
56281Prinsburg, MNKandiyohi
56271Murdock, MNSwift
56267Morris, MNStevens
56273New London, MNKandiyohi
56276Odessa, MNBig Stone
56274Norcross, MNGrant
56243Grove City, MNMeeker
56219Browns Valley, MNTraverse
56218Boyd, MNLac Qui Parle
56221Chokio, MNStevens
56223Clarkfield, MNYellow Medicine
56222Clara City, MNChippewa
56211Beardsley, MNBig Stone
56210Barry, MNBig Stone
56212Bellingham, MNLac Qui Parle
56216Blomkest, MNKandiyohi
56215Benson, MNSwift
56225Clinton, MNBig Stone
56235Donnelly, MNStevens
56232Dawson, MNLac Qui Parle
56236Dumont, MNTraverse
56241Granite Falls, MNYellow Medicine
56240Graceville, MNBig Stone
56227Correll, MNBig Stone
56226Clontarf, MNSwift
56228Cosmos, MNMeeker
56231Danvers, MNSwift
56230Danube, MNRenville

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