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StateOhio (OH)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA216
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date03/09/1996

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44254Lodi, OHMedina
44281Wadsworth, OHMedina
44224Stow, OHSummit
44258Medina, OHMedina
44256Medina, OHMedina
44255Mantua, OHPortage
44233Hinckley, OHMedina
44234Hiram, OHPortage
44235Homerville, OHMedina
44230Doylestown, OHWayne
44231Garrettsville, OHPortage
44232Green, OHSummit
44265Randolph, OHPortage
44273Seville, OHMedina
44264Peninsula, OHSummit
44272Rootstown, OHPortage
44270Rittman, OHWayne
44266Ravenna, OHPortage
44262Munroe Falls, OHSummit
44278Tallmadge, OHSummit
44280Valley City, OHMedina
44260Mogadore, OHPortage
44274Sharon Center, OHMedina
44275Spencer, OHMedina
44276Sterling, OHWayne
44243Kent, OHPortage
44250Lakemore, OHSummit
44251Westfield Center, OHMedina
44240Kent, OHPortage
44237Hudson, OHSummit
44242Kent, OHPortage
44253Litchfield, OHMedina
44087Twinsburg, OHSummit
44067Northfield, OHSummit
44056Macedonia, OHSummit
44201Atwater, OHPortage
43962Summitville, OHColumbiana
44236Hudson, OHSummit
44241Streetsboro, OHPortage
44217Creston, OHWayne
44216Clinton, OHSummit
44215Chippewa Lake, OHMedina
44223Cuyahoga Falls, OHSummit
44222Cuyahoga Falls, OHSummit
44221Cuyahoga Falls, OHSummit
44214Burbank, OHWayne
44210Bath, OHSummit
44203Barberton, OHSummit
44202Aurora, OHPortage
44212Brunswick, OHMedina
43945Salineville, OHColumbiana
44211Brady Lake, OHPortage
44652Middlebranch, OHStark
44651Mechanicstown, OHCarroll
44653Midvale, OHTuscarawas
44656Mineral City, OHTuscarawas
44654Millersburg, OHHolmes
44650Maximo, OHStark
44645Marshallville, OHWayne
44644Malvern, OHCarroll
44646Massillon, OHStark
44648Massillon, OHStark
44647Massillon, OHStark
44442New Middletown, OHMahoning
44431Leetonia, OHColumbiana
43840Stone Creek, OHTuscarawas
44430Leavittsburg, OHTrumbull
44428Kinsman, OHTrumbull
44429Lake Milton, OHMahoning
44432Lisbon, OHColumbiana
44440Mineral Ridge, OHTrumbull
44441Negley, OHColumbiana
44438Masury, OHTrumbull
44436Lowellville, OHMahoning
44437Mc Donald, OHTrumbull
44643Magnolia, OHStark
44444Newton Falls, OHTrumbull
44445New Waterford, OHColumbiana
44443New Springfield, OHMahoning
44730East Canton , OHStark
44721Canton, OHStark
44446Niles, OHTrumbull
44452North Lima, OHMahoning
44453Orangeville, OHTrumbull
44451North Jackson, OHMahoning
44720Canton, OHStark
44449North Benton, OHPortage
44730Canton , OHStark
44636Kidron, OHWayne
44634Homeworth, OHColumbiana
44637Killbuck, OHHolmes
44641Louisville, OHStark
44640Limaville, OHStark
44633Holmesville, OHHolmes
44750Canton, OHStark
44735Canton, OHStark
44767Canton, OHStark
44632Hartville, OHStark
44799Canton, OHStark
44321Akron, OHSummit
44325Akron, OHSummit
44320Akron, OHSummit
44317Akron, OHSummit
44319Akron, OHSummit
44326Akron, OHSummit
44334Fairlawn , OHSummit
44334Akron, OHSummit
43920East Liverpool, OHColumbiana
44328Akron, OHSummit
44333Akron, OHSummit
44316Akron, OHSummit
44308Akron, OHSummit
44309Akron, OHSummit
44307Akron, OHSummit
44305Akron, OHSummit
44306Akron, OHSummit
44310Akron, OHSummit
44314Akron, OHSummit
44315Akron, OHSummit
44313Akron, OHSummit
44311Akron, OHSummit
44312Akron, OHSummit
44372Akron, OHSummit
44417Farmdale, OHTrumbull
44418Fowler, OHTrumbull
44416Ellsworth, OHMahoning
44413East Palestine, OHColumbiana
44415Elkton, OHColumbiana
44420Girard, OHTrumbull
44425Hubbard, OHTrumbull
44427Kensington, OHColumbiana
44424Hartford, OHTrumbull
44422Greenford, OHMahoning
44423Hanoverton, OHColumbiana
44412Diamond, OHPortage
44402Bristolville, OHTrumbull
44403Brookfield, OHTrumbull
44401Berlin Center, OHMahoning
44396Akron, OHSummit
44398Akron, OHSummit
44404Burghill, OHTrumbull
44410Cortland, OHTrumbull
44411Deerfield, OHPortage
44408Columbiana, OHColumbiana
44405Campbell, OHMahoning
44406Canfield, OHMahoning
44454Petersburg, OHMahoning
44506Youngstown, OHMahoning
44507Youngstown, OHMahoning
44505Youngstown, OHMahoning
44503Youngstown, OHMahoning
44504Youngstown, OHMahoning
44509Youngstown, OHMahoning
44513Youngstown, OHMahoning
44514Youngstown, OHMahoning
44512Youngstown, OHMahoning
44510Youngstown, OHMahoning
44511Youngstown, OHMahoning
44502Youngstown, OHMahoning
44485Warren, OHTrumbull
44486Warren, OHTrumbull
44484Warren, OHTrumbull
43804Baltic, OHTuscarawas
43803Bakersville, OHCoshocton
44490Washingtonville, OHColumbiana
44493Winona, OHColumbiana
44501Youngstown, OHMahoning
43968Wellsville, OHColumbiana
44491West Farmington, OHTrumbull
44492West Point, OHColumbiana
44515Youngstown, OHMahoning
44620Dellroy, OHCarroll
44622Dover, OHTuscarawas
44619Damascus, OHMahoning
44617Charm, OHHolmes
44618Dalton, OHWayne
44624Dundee, OHTuscarawas
44628Glenmont, OHHolmes
44630Greentown, OHStark
44627Fredericksburg, OHWayne
44625East Rochester, OHColumbiana
44626East Sparta, OHStark
44615Carrollton, OHCarroll
44607Augusta, OHCarroll
44608Beach City, OHStark
44606Apple Creek, OHWayne
44555Youngstown, OHMahoning
44601Alliance, OHStark
44609Beloit, OHMahoning
44613Brewster, OHStark
44614Canal Fulton, OHStark
44612Bolivar, OHTuscarawas
44610Berlin, OHHolmes
44611Big Prairie, OHHolmes
44703Canton, OHStark
44702Canton, OHStark
44704Canton, OHStark
44706Canton, OHStark
44705Canton, OHStark
44701Canton, OHStark
44690Winesburg, OHHolmes
44689Wilmot, OHStark
44691Wooster, OHWayne
44473Vienna, OHTrumbull
44697Zoar, OHTuscarawas
44471Struthers, OHMahoning
44720North Canton , OHStark
44718Canton, OHStark
44470Southington, OHTrumbull
44455Rogers, OHColumbiana
44460Salem, OHColumbiana
44714Canton, OHStark
44708Canton, OHStark
44707Canton, OHStark
44709Canton, OHStark
44711Canton, OHStark
44710Canton, OHStark
44688Waynesburg, OHStark
44662Navarre, OHStark
44661Nashville, OHHolmes
44663New Philadelphia, OHTuscarawas
44666North Lawrence, OHStark
44665North Georgetown, OHColumbiana
44660Mount Hope, OHHolmes
44659Mount Eaton, OHWayne
44657Minerva, OHStark
44483Warren, OHTrumbull
44481Warren, OHTrumbull
44482Warren, OHTrumbull
44667Orrville, OHWayne
44680Strasburg, OHTuscarawas
44678Somerdale, OHTuscarawas
44681Sugarcreek, OHTuscarawas
44687Walnut Creek, OHHolmes
44685Uniontown, OHStark
44677Smithville, OHWayne
44670Robertsville, OHStark
44669Paris, OHStark
44671Sandyville, OHTuscarawas
44676Shreve, OHWayne
44672Sebring, OHMahoning
44286Richfield, OHSummit
44303Akron, OHSummit
44282Wadsworth, OHMedina
44285Wayland, OHPortage
44302Akron, OHSummit
44304Akron, OHSummit
44288Windham, OHPortage
44301Akron, OHSummit
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