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StateCalifornia (CA)
Time ZonePacific Time
Parent NPA805
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date02/13/1999

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93510Acton, CALos Angeles
93501Mojave, CAKern
93502Mojave, CAKern
93524Edwards, CAKern
93523Edwards, CAKern
93518Caliente, CAKern
93252Maricopa, CAKern
93387Bakersfield, CAKern
93386Bakersfield, CAKern
93390Bakersfield, CAKern
93389Bakersfield, CAKern
93388Bakersfield, CAKern
93250Mc Farland, CAKern
93543Littlerock, CALos Angeles
93539Lancaster, CALos Angeles
93550Palmdale, CALos Angeles
93249Lost Hills, CAKern
93544Llano, CALos Angeles
93534Lancaster, CALos Angeles
93532Lake Hughes, CALos Angeles
93531Keene, CAKern
93536Lancaster, CALos Angeles
93251Mc Kittrick, CAKern
93535Lancaster, CALos Angeles
93385Bakersfield, CAKern
93302Bakersfield, CAKern
93301Bakersfield, CAKern
93287Woody, CAKern
93305Bakersfield, CAKern
93304Bakersfield, CAKern
93303Bakersfield, CAKern
93263Shafter, CAKern
93268Taft, CAKern
93276Tupman, CAKern
93280Wasco, CAKern
93260Posey, CATulare
93261Richgrove, CATulare
93380Bakersfield, CAKern
93314Bakersfield, CAKern
93313Bakersfield, CAKern
93384Bakersfield, CAKern
93254New Cuyama, CASanta Barbara
93383Bakersfield, CAKern
93308Bakersfield, CAKern
93307Bakersfield, CAKern
93306Bakersfield, CAKern
93312Bakersfield, CAKern
93311Bakersfield, CAKern
93309Bakersfield, CAKern
93551Palmdale, CALos Angeles
91351Canyon Country, CALos Angeles
91354Valencia, CALos Angeles
91355Valencia, CALos Angeles
91321Newhall, CALos Angeles
91322Newhall, CALos Angeles
91350Santa Clarita, CALos Angeles
91383Santa Clarita, CALos Angeles
91384Castaic, CALos Angeles
91385Valencia, CALos Angeles
91380Santa Clarita, CALos Angeles
91381Stevenson Ranch, CALos Angeles
91382Santa Clarita, CALos Angeles
91310Castaic, CALos Angeles
93215Delano, CAKern
93216Delano, CAKern
93219Earlimart, CATulare
93203Arvin, CAKern
93206Buttonwillow, CAKern
93207California Hot Springs, CATulare
93224Fellows, CAKern
93225Frazier Park, CAKern
93226Glennville, CAKern
93220Edison, CAKern
93222Pine Mountain Club , CAKern
93222Frazier Park, CAKern
91386Canyon Country, CALos Angeles
93581Tehachapi, CAKern
93584Lancaster, CALos Angeles
93243Lebec, CAKern
93241Lamont, CAKern
93591Palmdale, CALos Angeles
93599Palmdale, CALos Angeles
93586Lancaster, CALos Angeles
93590Palmdale, CALos Angeles
93563Valyermo, CALos Angeles
93553Pearblossom, CALos Angeles
93561Tehachapi, CAKern
93560Rosamond, CAKern
93552Palmdale, CALos Angeles
91390Santa Clarita, CALos Angeles
91387Canyon Country, CALos Angeles
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