Does Dialing *67 Still Work in 2024?

by Lookify Staff Writers
Published on: June 4, 2023
Last updated: January 9, 2024
Reading time: 5 min.

If you've ever needed to make a phone call without revealing your number, you may have heard about dialing *67 before entering the phone number to hide your number from appearing in the recipient's caller ID. But what exactly is Star 67 and does it still work in 2024?

What is *67?

Star 67, or *67 as it is commonly known, is a vertical service code that can be used only when placing calls in North America. Dialing *67 before the phone number when making a call allows the caller to block their caller ID from being displayed on the receiver's phone.

This means that instead of your phone number showing up on the recipient's caller ID, it will display as "Unknown", "No Caller ID", or something similar, depending on the receiving party's telephone service. In essence, *67 is a handy tool for preserving your privacy when you need to make a call but prefer not to reveal your phone number.

A photo showing what it looks like when dialing star 67 and how the call appears to the recipient

How to use *67 to place an anonymous phone call

  1. Pick up your phone: Whether you're using a landline or a mobile device, the first step is always the same. Pick up the phone and be ready to dial using your phone application.

  2. Dial *67: The asterisk is usually located at the bottom of the keypad, while the 6 and 7 are in the middle. Type in *67.

  3. Enter the phone number: Once you've dialed *67, you can then enter the phone number of the person or organization you're trying to reach.

  4. Hit send or dial: After you've entered the phone number, hit the send or dial button, and your call will go through as per usual, except that your number will appear as "Private" or "Unknown" to the person receiving the call.

Does Star 67 Still Work? - Star 67 Limitations

A chart showing when star 67 will and will not work when placing the call

The *67 feature only works for the current call you're making and only works for voice calls, not for text messages or multimedia messages. It doesn't permanently block your Caller ID. This means that if you want your number to remain anonymous on every call you make, you will need to dial *67 before every phone number. Telephone companies keep records of all calls, including the originating numbers, even when *67 is used. So, while it can protect your privacy from the person you're calling, it doesn't provide total anonymity.

While *67 works the majority of the time, be aware that it's not always foolproof. Some phone systems may not recognize the code and may still display your number. Also, toll-free numbers (those beginning with 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833), emergency services numbers (like 911), and certain other numbers are typically able to see your number, even if you use *67. Certain businesses will also be able to identify the underlying phone number placing the call because they pay extra to carriers for phone number identification features.

Does *67 work if the recipient has blocked your number?

If a recipient has blocked your number, they've instructed their carrier or phone to reject calls from your specific number. Dialing *67 won't override this block, and your call will typically go straight to voicemail or simply won't be delivered.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, *67 is a simple and effective tool to protect your privacy in many situations. However, remember that like any tool, its effectiveness is determined by how you use it, and it doesn't provide absolute anonymity. So next time you'd rather not share your number while placing a call, Star 67 could be your handy invisibility cloak. Just don't expect to disappear completely!

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